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Aqualyx™ is a non-surgical fat dissolving injection treatment.


The procedure uses a solution of deoxycholic acid to safely and effectively eliminate small, stubborn pockets of fat which resist diet and exercise.

Aqualyx™ is an injectable solution which liquefies fat cells, destroying them for good. The lipids are then released and eliminated naturally by the lymphatic system.


The treatment is quick, convenient and minimally invasive. It can be safely used in almost any area.


Fantastic for localised areas of fat that won’t shift with diet and exercise

Quick and minimally invasive with little downtime and fast recovery.



Aqualyx™ Fat Dissolving Injections are permanent as long as you don’t gain weight

Aqualyx™ Fat Dissolving Injections are are a great non surgical alternative to liposuction.

The benefits of AQUALYX

Book a free consultation with Kelly who will be able to recommend the best treatment plan for you and talk you through the procedure.


1 Area 

Smaller Areas 

(Chin and Bra Fat)



How does the treatment work?

The procedure works by injecting a water based solution, deoxycholic acid, under the skin using very fine needles. The solution, which is similar to a substance produced by the body in the gut, contains plant polymers that break down the walls of the fat cell. The residue is then naturally excreted by the body, via the lymphatic system, as a waste product over a period of a few weeks.

How long does the treatment take?

Each appointment time will vary from client to client depending on areas to be treated. For the most effective results 2-8 sessions are required, depending on the volume of fat and size of focus area.

Where is the treatment most effective?

-Double chin
-Below buttocks

What is the downtime?

As the procedure uses very fine needles, it’s minimally invasive, virtually pain-free, recovery time is minimal and the results are apparent in just a few weeks.

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