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Regardless of how well we take care of ourselves, we all reach a point where a little help is required.

Anti-wrinkle injections (botulinum toxin) are used to soften the appearance of wrinkles that can appear around the eye and forehead area when the muscles in that area move.

With these injections we can treat:

  • Crow’s feet (around the eyes)

  • Frown lines (between the eyebrows)

  • Worry lines (across the forehead)

The anti-ageing injections work by stopping the movement of the muscles by inhibiting the nerve message. That prevents the muscles from moving too much and your skin doesn’t crease up.


Over a period of time, deeper lines become shallow as well, as you are no longer doing the repeated muscle movement that causes them, and your natural collagen replenishes itself.

Anti-wrinkle injections with botulinum toxin are the most popular non-surgical treatment because of their great effectiveness and also ease and comfort during the treatment.

The aim is to provide a natural, rested, and youthful appearance. When it’s done well, no one should know you’ve had the procedure, just that you look great!

Botulinum Toxin A

Natural looking results

Safe environment with strict medical protocols

All injectables administered by qualified professional

Results visible from 2-3 days and maximum results visible at 2 weeks

Book a free consultation with Kelly who will be able to recommend the best treatment plan for you and talk you through the procedure.


1 Area


2 Areas

3 Areas




What will happen during the anti-wrinkle treatment?

After deciding which areas are to be treated, the area is cleansed with an antiseptic wipe. Sometimes, the injections sites are marked with a pencil while you frown or squint, which demonstrates the muscles in motion and where the lines are. These spots are then injected with a tiny needle. There will be some pain but this is usually described as very mild.

When the toxin is injected into muscles it causes them to relax. The muscles targeted are the ones that contract, pulling the skin into folds and wrinkles; relaxing these muscles essentially relaxes or removes the wrinkles. It typically takes 7-10 days for the full effect to be seen.

What should I do after the treatment?

Try not to touch the area for about 4 hours after the procedure. For the first hour, try to work the muscles that have been injected as much as possible. Depending on what you have had injected, this may involve smiling, frowning or raising your brows. You may return to normal activities straight after treatment, however,  do not lie down for 4 hours.

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